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DECR reminds visitors of the rules that must be followed and their interaction with marine life

#Providenciales, July 8, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – The Department of Environment & Coastal Resources (DECR) would like to remind all water sports and tour operators (including snorkeling and diving operations), that as per the National Parks Ordinance 2014, that Gibbs Cay falls within the Grand Turk Cays Land and Sea National Park.

Under Schedule 7 of the Ordinance, Grand Turk Cays Land and Sea National Park is define as, “An area of 386 acres south-east of Grand Turk comprising the whole land area of Gibbs, Penniston and Martin Alonza Pinzon Cays off Grand Turk and the surrounding 400ft of sea in each case. Site Plan NP7.”

Therefore, you are reminded as per the National Parks Regulations under Prohibitions and Permitted activities, section 3 (1) states, the following are prohibited within all national parks:

(a)          The taking of any animal or plant by any method on land or at sea, except to the extent permitted in any fishing zone; and

(c)           The destruction of, or damage or injury to, any animal or plant;

Also, as per the Fisheries Protection Ordinance 2014, section 9 Restrictions on means of taking marine product and harmful activities, you are reminded that;

Section 9(1) states, No person shall –

(g) engage in the practice of throwing any food into the water for the purposes of feeding or attracting or harvesting any species of marine life unless authorized to do so by the Director.

You are reminded that any person who contravenes any provision of these regulations commits and offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of $50, 000 or to a term of imprisonment of twelve months or to both such fine and imprisonment.

We recommend that, for the safety of the wildlife as well as your guests, those engaging in these prohibited activities listed above should cease such activities forthwith and persons found circumventing the law and not adhering to this notice would be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Should you have further questions, please contact the DECR at 

Release: TCIG

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