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Deficit cash flow presented on ‘House’ opening day, $290 million projected spending includes 60 new government jobs

#Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands – July 3, 2018 – Sixty new positions have been created by Government for the upcoming fiscal year and if the proposal passes through parliament, it will cost the public purse three per cent more than last financial year, but enable the hiring of 12 new prison officers and eight new social welfare officers among other critical staff.

The overall budget is projected at $290 million, the largest Budget for the country.  It has within it a deficit cash flow however; the projection is put at $45.1 million above revenues.

“Recurrent expenditure is 234.2 million and 73.8 percent of revenue; non recurrent expenditure of $10.7 million is 3.7 percent of revenue.”

In laying the Budget and Estimates proposal on June 18, Premier and Finance Minister, Hon Sharlene Robinson  explained that Capital contribution would cover the shortfall of $45.1 million.

Overall, it was shared in the presentation that $97.8 million will be spent on public personnel and this figure includes pensions and gratuities which alone amount to $23.1 million of the historic budget.

The new hires for TCIG will go to five of the Government Ministries.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Transportation and Communication will receive 24 new workers; 12 prison officers, eight social welfare officers, and two employees each for Road Safety and Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies.

The Ministry of Tourism  will receive four additional staffers.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing and Planning will get 11 new people on board; one for Mechanical Services, six for Public Works and four people will add to the Planning Department.

There are twelve new positions for the Ministry of Health and Border Control and Employment will receive 15 new employees, according to the Budget projection.

Traditionally, the Turks and Caicos financial year begins in April; it was announced in the first quarter of 2018 that the new budget would come late.

Since the laying of the Budget Estimates and Appropriations, the expenditure allotments have undergone department by department scrutiny at the Appropriations Committee stage and incited vigorous debate with a resumed House of Assembly session, this past Friday June 29.

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