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Boutique Investment Conference supports ‘boutique’ model for TCI says Invest Turks and Caicos Agency

#New York City, NY, July 14, 2018 – USA – Invest Turks and Caicos Agency is building its understanding of ‘boutique’ resort properties, and acting CEO Angela Musgrove explains that the goal is to encourage success among independent hoteliers.

The Boutique Hotel Investment Conference was held in early June in New York and the Turks and Caicos Islands was there.

“As the hospitality industry sees an ever-increasing demand from discerning boutique-seeking clients, the conference is primarily dedicated to creating greater economic success for independent hoteliers by helping them level the playing field against larger brands and chains, including the ‘boutique’ sub-brands of the big chains.”

Hosts say the conference is unlike any other as it attracts over 400 attendees who want to be better at Boutique stays and these delegates appreciate being remembered as a significant part of the destination industry.

Mrs. Musgrove leveraged the networking opportunities, initiating dialogue with several noteworthy players in the boutique hotel investment sector. The experiences of the boutique property owner/investor helped to create an understanding and greater appreciation of the needs of the market in this sector.

Invest Turks and Caicos Agency has found that there is an uptick in interest in growing this element of destination Turks and Caicos Islands, which has already seen many of its boutique resorts win international acclaim.

“Tapping into this market will help to address the need to identify potential investment projects to filter through to the underdeveloped family islands. The boutique hotel model which is common to Providenciales would be ideal to enhance the investment attractiveness and development of the Turks and Caicos.”

The Conference was held June 6, 2018 at the Times Center in New York City.



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