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TCI in National Costume for Gold Coast Games

#Australia, April 12, 2018 – Gold Coast – The Turks and Caicos decided that this year its athletes would enter the Commonwealth Games stadium dressed in the country’s national costume… and from what we have seen of their showing, the nine athletes made quite a splash.

“We will be wearing Turks and Caicos National Dress in the Parade of Nations.  We’re not going to wear just a plain shirt and tie this time, we’re going to wear the national dress, and the men will wear their long white pants and their white bush jackets.  So, I think that is really great.” – Rita Gardiner (Commonwealth Association

During the press conference to announce the nine member Team TCI, it was revealed that many elements of Turks and Caicos culture would figure prominently into how the athletes and team managers carried themselves around the Games Village… from the national costume, to a national doll, to special pins, bags and images of the world renowned turquoise waters of the 50 islands and cays that make up the TCI.

“This is such a tremendous experience, you get to meet so many people from different nations.  So it’s not only about competing and putting your best foot forward in representing your country, in representing your association and your family, it’s also about meeting different people from different nations and making binding relationships.” – Edith Skippings (President TCAAF)

“Turks and Caicos Island pins, that is like gold, that is more than money in the athletes village.  Imagine the promotion that we have in that region of the world to showcase Turks and Caicos Islands, and let people know more about our “Beautiful by Nature” country.” – Hon. Edwin Astwood

The Games opened on Wednesday evening and 71 countries stepped out with national pride at the Carrara Stadium on the Gold Coast of Australia.  Eighteen Caribbean countries are counted as a part of the British Commonwealth.


By: Deandrea Hamilton


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