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TCI: Fortis Youth Football League

Talisha Simons-Corporate Communications director for FortisTCI

#TurksandCaicos, April 12, 2018 – Providenciales – Students across the Turks and Caicos Islands will return to school on Monday and among the highlights of the Easter break for some was the launch of the annual FortisTCI Youth Football league.  The nation’s power supplied continued for the second year, support of players under 13 and for 2018 that included  all islands up to  400 children.  Talisha Simons is the Corporate Communications director for FortisTCI, she talked about the value of the program.

“You would have seen that we continued with the Science Fair activities this year, and we’ve continuing on with the Youth League, and the reason behind that is that it’s important.  There’s so many skills, life skills that these kids will pick up here, playing in this league.  So it’s important to continue this program.” she said.

Sonia Fulford, president of the TCIFA

Sonia Fulford, president of the TCIFA and executive with FIFA which is the leading body for football development is all about grassroots development – it is a part of her global portfolio and she takes it very seriously too when it comes to home base.

“Rather than just the regular sessions weekdays for the different age groups, we’re able to have a few age groups almost everyday of the week.  So it really adds to all of the games, all the additional games that are provided for these players.” – Sonia Fulford – President TCIFA



As for what the youngsters were exposed to…

“….we also had hotdogs, we had chips, we had lots of fruits, and you will see the fruit stand, Fortis will continue the fruit stand for these kids every single Saturday.  So, they’re out here, they have refreshments and they have energy to keep going in the game,” said Talisha Simons


Jarrett Forbes – Sports Director – TCI

And there were a couple of stand-out players rewarded for their efforts, the Turks and Caicos Sports Director congratulated FortisTCI for its commitment to football.

“This is definitely a great start.  I know TCIFA have been doing this for some time now, so what you see here is not the beginning, it’s actually years and years of development to get to this point.  Now, what Fortis is doing is that injection of capital to help to develop sports in the Turks and Caicos Islands.” –


By: Deandrea Hamilton


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