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Bahamas Environmental Minister talks trees

#Bahamas, April 12, 2018 – Nassau – For the first time in history, The Bahamas got a forestry report from its Minister of Environment who laid bare the programs underway and plans to come to preserve and increase the count on trees, in the country which he called assets.

“My primary goal is to arrest your attention and imprint in your minds that trees in our communities are living, breathing assets that make are islands cleaner, healthier and more vibrant.” – Ramould Ferreira – Bahamas Minister of Environment 

Minister Ramould Ferrerier announced that not only are many of the initiatives of the Forestry Department supported by partnerships with premier organizations on tree planting, in line with global goals for expanding forestry reserves but, in The Bahamas are primarily targeted at the youth.

“Our focus on children and youth is evidenced in our school 365 program.  This program allows us to visit every school during the year on the islands where the Forestry Unit has a presence and teach our students about forest ecosystems.” he said.

World Forestry Day is gone now, marked on March 21 but the event not only featured a motorcade, saw parliamentarians partake in tree planting in various constituencies but also named the country’s first Junior Minister of Environment.  Carmetta Barry is an 11th Grade, 16 year old student of Nassau’s C R Walker High.

“It is imperative to my future career goal, which is to become an environmental specialist, so allowing me, Carmetta Barry to be your first Junior Minister of the Environment so that you can have a helping hand in creating a larger awareness for preserving our ecosystems, our very iconic ecosystems in The Bahamas.”  – Carmetta Barry – 1st Bahamas Jr. Minister of Environment – CR Walker High

Congratulations, there is more to come from the Minister including ongoing forestry campaigns.  Deandrea Hamilton reporting for One Caribbean News.


By: Deandrea Hamilton


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