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Bahamas PM Speaks on Corruption at Summit of The Americas

#Peru, April 17, 2018 – Lima – Bahamas Prime Dr Hubert A. Minnis during the Summit of the Americas held in Lima, Peru called for governments to raise the bar on transparency, accountability and equity; citing that already, since 2001, counties in the Americas had ratified and rationalized that corruption is detrimental to development.

“They recognize the need to root out corruption at the foundation of the inter-American system as being necessary for the preservation and strengthening of democracy.  Members understood the social cost of corruption which distorts our economies and the allocation of resources for development.  Members further recognized the negative impact of corruption as a hidden, and illegal tax on trade, economic development, growth and investment.”

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis referenced his own country, The Bahamas and its own moves to wipe out corruption by amending laws and adding key positions including an investigating Ombudsman – all empowered by law to keep elected governments and public servants in check.  The Bahamas PM pointed out that the move to move out corruption is not just coming from the top, the voters want it too – and that’s across the hemisphere.

“The people of the Americas are demanding greater transparency and participation in our democratic process, and we must, and we will move resolutely to fulfill this obligation.”

The message was delivered during the plenary session of the 8th Summit of the Americas, which opened on Friday with its central theme being:  “Democratic Governance against Corruption.”


By: Deandrea Hamilton



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