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Bahamas tells US ‘we are praying’ after Las Vegas killings, shooter had 42 guns in room and at home

United States, October 4, 2017 – Las Vegas, Nevada – An expression of solidarity comes from The Bahamas in the horrific, unthinkable shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada being described as the worst crime against Americans in recent times on US soil.   The US was assured that The Bahamas is praying for the American people, in particular, the loved ones of those fallen and injured in the senseless attack.

“We are always saddened by such inexplicable violence and we commiserate with our friends and neighbors in the United States over this tragedy,” commented a spokesperson from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.   It was also shared that there had been no reports of Bahamians being affected by the attack.

1506972188495The gunman is identified as 64 year old #StephenPaddock, a gambler, a golfer, a regular guy; yet he killed 59 people and injured a reported 520 others in the shooting where he opened fire from the 32nd Floor of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino hitting unsuspecting festival goers.   A recent New York Times article said Paddock had a bump stock attached to his rifle to make it a rapid fire weapon.

More than 23 firearms were found in Stephen Paddock’s hotel suite, brought into that room in 10 suitcases.   From Paddock’s home in Mesquite, Nevada at least 19 other guns and explosives were confiscated.   Paddock was found dead in that hotel room.


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