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Audit now ongoing at Water and Sewerage Corporation

#Bahamas, October 2, 2017 – Nassau – Two bosses at the #WaterandSewerageCorporation are on leave and an audit of the government owned water company is on.   General Manager, Glen Laville and Chief Financial Officer, Sandra Edgecombe are both on administrative leave to allow Ernst and Young to do the job of scouring financial files unencumbered.

The announcement came from Adrian Gibson, the Chairman of the WSC.   Staff must fully cooperate in order to get the right information and an interim GM has been appointed, Robert Deal and assisting him will be Cherri Hanna.   This forensic audit seems to have come by surprise and follows riveting headlines about an elite list at the Corporation, where account holders – including former prime minister and deputy prime minister were exposed as together having an over 44,000 bill.

Perry Christie claimed to be unaware of the outrageous debt to the WSC and Philip Davies claimed his bill had to be wrong.    None of them were apparently even aware that the huge bills existed.


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