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TCI Gov’t ministers urge residents “please go to the shelters now” as Hurricane Irma approaches



Turks and Caicos, September 7th, 2017 – Providenciales – As residents of the Turks and Caicos Islands fear the worst of Hurricane Irma, the Minister of Home Affairs, Transportations and Communication, Delroy Williams and the Minister of Border Control and Employment, Sean Astwood continue to urge the public to seek shelter.

In a video circulating on social media this morning, Min. Astwood says, “we’re expecting high storm surge” with Min. Williams adding, “please go to the shelters now.” These ministers along with the Premier and even the Queen continue to warn residents and visitors who remained on the island to prepare and protect themselves as Hurricane Irma gets closer to the islands.

As of 9:30am, Tropical storm force winds could already be felt in South Caicos and at 1pm West Caicos will begin to experience the same. The Bahamas department of Meteorology predicts that, as early as 2:30pm Grand Turk will begin to get hit with hurricane forced winds and by 7 tonight Hurricane Irma would spread to West Caicos.

Story By: Kay-Marie Fletcher




Beaches Turks and Caicos Summer Internship Scores A+



PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands:  More than 95% of the participants who started the Beaches Turks and Caicos (BTC) Summer Internship Programme received their certification for participation in the recently concluded event at the conference room at the resort.

Youth Ambassador and Internship Coordinator for the Department of Education, in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) Arielle Neely, was the guest speaker at the event. She encouraged participants to maintain their network and apply what they have learnt. She also urged them to continue communicating with the organisation in order to benefit from work experience opportunities during the holiday periods.

Neely’s advice to the youth was not limited to internship or work. She also took the time to affirm them by offering wise words of counsel to build their self – esteem. Her passion for young people was evident as she implored them not to put limits on themselves. She shared, “ensure that you do the right thing during your growing process.”

Having been a beneficiary of BTC Internship Programmes herself, Neely, now has a platform to use the conglomeration of skills and training that she received to help positively impact young people.

Some of the participants testified of the benefits they have had. Donique Matthews, a second-year medical student of the University of Havana, Cuba, worked in the human resource department. Though not in her area of specialization, she acknowledged that she learnt the importance of building human relations and maintaining quality customer care.

Valedictorian of the cohort, Grevoney Dean, was based in the animations department. He expressed his appreciation for learning in that area “I have found my passion,” Dean stated. He views animation as an integral component in helping to ensure that the Beaches brand provides family entertainment. “This is my second year in the internship programme and I intend to maintain my ties with the organisation and hope this will result in full time employment.

Aspiring real estate entrepreneur, Dassy Lacoste, who graduated as salutatorian and a student of the Turks and Caicos Institute of Professional Studies (TCIPS), worked in the food and beverage department. She boasted about the wonderful opportunity to meet new people and develop her problem solving and communication skills.

James McAnally, general manager, noted that Beaches is always willing to develop the human capital of the nation. “Though the interns may not have been assigned to organisations or departments that are directly related to their interests or studies, the benefit of work experience in any field is undeniable. I commend the young people who completed the programme and salute the hard working staff of Beaches Turks and Caicos that made it all happen,” McAnally stated.

Human Resource Manager, Owenta Coleby, praised the efforts of her team in ensuring yet another successful internship programme. She highlighted that participants should not view this simply as an opportunity for earning money but that they should build on every skill set and seek to learn from the team members responsible for training. “The training that is provided at Beaches Turks and Caicos is world-class which they receive at no cost to them. In fact, we pay them for being willing to show up for training because we know that an investment in our young people today, is an investment in the Turks and Caicos Islands for tomorrow.”


Photo Captions:

Header: Coordinator of Internship within the Ministry of Education in the Turks and Caicos Islands, and former summer intern with Beaches Turks and Caicos, Arielle Neely shares with the audience techniques on how to gain from the experiences gained during the internship programmes

1st insert: Donique Matthews (right) successful intern with the Beaches Turks and Caicos resort accepts her certificate from Amin McCartney, Deputy Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Education during the graduation exercise at the conference room at the resort.

2nd insert: Section of the audience where graduates were in rapt attention to the presentation

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Prestige Volunteers and Sandals Foundation Give Ianthe Pratt Primary School a Face Lift  



PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands: September 21, 2023— Prestige Nominees from Beaches Turks and Caicos (BTC) who serve as volunteers of the Sandals Foundation recently got down and dirty for a worthy cause as they transformed the Ianthe Pratt Primary School for the new academic year.

The team of volunteers repainted murals and walls, pruned trees, removed the rotting monkey bars in preparation for the installation of new ones, and provided well needed electrical repairs in the kitchen. Swings were also replaced and see – saws installed in the kindergarten and special needs playground.

One parent, Rosny Benjamin, who is also a team member of Beaches Turks and Caicos, expressed a sense of relief in knowing that his child would be learning and playing in a more comfortable and safer space. “The school has been providing a safe learning environment for hundreds of children here in Providenciales over the many years. To see my colleagues teaming up with the school administrators and the Sandals Foundation, to provide this well needed face lift is good. Children will now be able to enjoy a more comfortable play area for this school year,” Benjamin shared.

Neekimo King, Principal of the institution, highlighted her satisfaction with the work that was done. She also expressed gratitude for the long-standing relationship that the Sandals Foundation, through Beaches Turks and Caicos, has had with the institution. Said King: “Sandals Foundation and the Beaches Turks and Caicos have been our partners for many years. It was a joy to see the leaders from the resort helping to brighten the murals, preparing the play areas by repairing and replacing items for our children. This will undoubtedly help to improve the teaching and learning environment for our children and teachers for this new academic year.”

General Manager, James McAnally, saluted the volunteers for providing well needed resources for the school. “The annual prestige project serves as a platform for the nominees to find a project each year to work as a team to accomplish. Since the pandemic had put a pause of this event for the company, this project serves as a special restart for the school community and the resort at large. While we continue to give back as a resort, this teamwork is one of the major factors for us as a resort as we continue to maintain our mission of building better communities and leaders here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.”

Public Relations Manager, Orville Morgan noted: “As the Sandals Foundation continues to give back to our communities through the support for the environment, community development and education, we are pleased to have helped in providing a facelift for this school. These leaders were deliberate in selecting this project as this has provided a motivational factor for the company in allowing our leaders to give back to the local communities. While they all worked as a team, each participant was motivated in sharing their collective expertise to improve the education environment for the students.”



Header: The team of volunteers from the Beaches Turks and Caicos resort gather for the prestige nominees Sandals Foundation community project at the Ianthe Pratt Primary school

1st insert: Chef Alwayne Spence, replaces his culinary tools with that of a paint brush as he shows off his painting skills on one of the play structures at the Ianthe Pratt Primary school by the Beaches Turks and Caicos prestige nominees Sandals Foundation community project.

 2nd insert: Audie Johnson, housekeeping supervisor shows her creativity as she clears shrubs from an area at the Ianthe Pratt Primary school during the Beaches Turks and Caicos prestige Sandals Foundation community project

 3r insert: Learning and Development Manager Phildreka Mayham (left) and Bernard Florvil, Tiler in the Maintenance department team up to share the responsibility of painting the murals within the kindergarten and special education play area at the Ianthe Pratt Primary school during the Beaches Turks and Caicos prestige awards Sandals Foundation community project

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Beaches TCI Prestige Awards, an Intergalactic Experience



PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands:   The Open Air Theatre at Beaches Turks and Caicos (BTC) was transformed into a dazzling and elegant intergalactic setting beckoning those who ‘dared to travel beyond the mundane.’ The event was the resort’s annual Prestige Awards celebrations. The venue exuded opulence with all the tapestries being accentuated by glittering chandeliers and lush floral arrangements. The spectacularly decorated venue with flashing lights was synonymous to that of the Oscars or Golden Globe Awards.

As team members arrived with their guests, they were greeted by photographers who lined the red carpet. They were interviewed and entertained by red carpet host, Antoinette Thomas who otherwise serves as the human resources recruitment and compliance specialist. Guests were dressed to the nines and they clearly understood the mission and came ready to represent the event’s theme, “Soaring to Excellence”. Gentlemen were dapperly attired in their suits and bedazzled blazers while the ladies were sophisticatedly attired in their flowing ball gowns.

The crowning moment of the evening saw Front Office supervisor Hardsen Martial being named Diamond Team Member of the Year. Said Martial, “this is one of the most rewarding periods of my career within this industry. Every team member here at BTC is challenged to be the best each day. I remained consistent, the guests recognised my professionalism and the management of the resort saw it fitting to present me with this award. I’m truly grateful for this recognition.”

Masters of Ceremony for the night were Patricia Smith and Obrien Forbes, both connoisseurs of the art. They navigated the ‘spacecraft’ safely through the awards ceremony, interspersed by performances and several jocular moments.

The Prestige Awards is the largest, resort-driven, team-member event that celebrates excellence and honours those who continually go beyond the call of duty. The Prestige Awards is a culmination of the monthly awards that acknowledge the hard work of staff members. General Manager, James McAnally in his welcome, commended all nominees and thanked the staff for being such excellent team players. Awardees received cash prizes, framed certificates, trophies and an assortment of gifts.

The category winners are as follows:

  • Diamond Team Member of the Year Award- Front Office supervisor Hardsen Martial
  • Platinum Team Member of the Year Award – Learning & Development Clerk Alex Bernadin
  • Mover and Shaker of the Year Award – Security supervisor Rammeshee Thompson
  • Legendary Team Member of the Year Award – Concierge supervisor Richard Rowe
  • Circle of Joy of the Year Award –                          Houseman Gener Mondelus
  • Earth Guardian of the Year Award –    Guest Experience manager Patricia Smith
  • Sandals Foundation Sentinel of the Year Award –          Spray Technician Lloyd Wisdom
  • Standing Ovation Award – Assistant Food & Beverage Director Ancell Williams
  • Money Maker Award –               Spa therapist Swean Wright-Frazer
  • Heart of the House Award –         Finance Administrator Walner Registre
  • The People’s Choice Award –                                   Butler Melissa Codner
  • Pace Setter of the Year Award –         Assistant HR Manager Roxanne Wade
  • All Rounder of the Year Award – Assistant Steward Manager Dionne Lawson
  • Founder’s Circle Award –              Chef Eric “Fortune Cookie” Johnson
  • MVP of the Year Award –           Restaurant Manager Shereka Dobson
  • The ‘A’ Team of the Year Award –                                      Grounds Department

Commenting on the success of the evening’s event, Tanya Swann, director of sales, noted that the outcome of the programme exceeded her already very high expectations. “To say we soared to excellence for the Prestige Awards would be an understatement. This event was beyond excellent. Thanks to the hard work of the human resources department, under the management of Owenta Coleby and all other departments that gave very strong support to ensure that our colleagues had a memorable night.”

Owenta Coleby, HR manager, stated that it was only fitting that team members be given the best because they are expected to give of their best. “I am very pleased with the success of the event,” she stated. “At Beaches Turks and Caicos, we work hard and play hard. We are already preparing to deliver an awe- inspiring, jaw dropping Prestige Awards for 2024.”


Photo Captions:

Header: Beaches Turks and Caicos Prestige winners share a moment with General Manager (centre seated) at the culmination of the resort’s prestige awards

1st insert: Member of the Beaches Turks and Caicos resort Grounds department, Spray Technician Lloyd Wisdom (left) and Assistant Manager Kemar Jones accept their reward from General Manager James McAnally as they were crowned A-Team of the year at the resort’s annual prestige awards

2nd insert: Front Office Supervisor, Hardsen Martial (left) who was crowned Diamond Team member of the year accepts his accolades from General Manager James McAnally at the resort

3rd insert: Members of the Beaches Turks and Caicos Entertainment team show off their skills in one of the activity during the resort’s annual prestige awards celebrations

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