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Former PM And Deputy PM Christie and Davis Deep in Water Debt

Bahamas, September 25, 2017 – Nassau – The Former Prime Minister, Perry Christie and Former Deputy Prime Minister, Phillip “Brave” Davis together owe the Water and Sewerage Corporation over $45,000 when combined.

This information was brought to the public’s attention from a “confidential list” obtained by The Tribune, which shows the water bills of politicians and other elite members of The Bahamas. The former Prime Minister heads the list in debt with one of two accounts in his name owing over $23,000 as of July 2014.

The list shows law firm Davis & Co, headed by PLP Leader Philip Davis, owed $22,603.33 – the second largest amount – as of March 31, 2017, when a payment of $5,000 was made. The document, dated June 13, also shows that a payment of $57 was made on July 25, 2014, on a West Bay Street account in Mr. Christie’s name, leaving a balance of $23,432.51.

Together, both Christie and Davies are almost $46,000 knee-deep in water bills. Other politicians and some companies were also featured on the list, but their balances were not as substantial.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Frank Watson was on the list with a balance of nearly $900 as of April 18, while Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham had a balance of $576.63 in April.

Companies such as June One Ltd and Laverne Holdings Ltd also had balances of $3,975.96 and $2,290.44 respectively.

The headquarters of both major political parties are also on the list, however, neither entity had an overdue balance.

Last week, WSC Corporation Chairman Adrian Gibson confirmed the existence of a special list populated by scores of elites at the government-owned utility provider as he pledged to initiate a crackdown on delinquent accounts.


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