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Waiting on word about Grand Bahama Island, tourism troubles intensify

#Bahamas, August 24, 2017 – Grand Bahama – The nation and the island has to wait to hear what exactly is happening with the negotiations to revitalize the Lucayan strip in #GrandBahama.    The country’s second island has seen its tourism industry plagued with catastrophic disasters, including wretched hurricanes which continue to wallop resorts and stymie development.

A Letter of Intent between the Bahamas government and the Wynn Group is now in question according to a string of media reports.    Government is however acknowledging only that something is happening, and that whatever the something is, they are undaunted in the promise to see the island’s economy rebound.

The #Lucaya strip was devastated in last October’s Hurricane Matthew.    The Letter of Intent was signed just before the May General Elections.    The new administration reported that discussions were productive and that an announcement was coming soon.




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