TCI Lobster intake healthy overall, day one down 25%

#TurksandCaicos, August 24, 2017 – Providenciaels – It may have been opening day jitters, as overall lobster figures are healthy for the TCI after all but with the day one hauls being down considerably.    Day one of Lobster figures are in now and the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources, aka, DECR reports that 2017 saw a 25% drop in landings when compared to opening day last year.

South Caicos and Providenciales combined recorded 32,262 pounds on day one.   Acting Director, Ethan Griesbach aimed to quell fear and said, “The past three years have seen a decline in the opening day landings, however the total catch per unit of effort for the season has increased.   There are management measures in place to support the recovery of the lobster fishery stock and DECR will continue to monitor the landings…”

Minister Ralph Higgs is pleased that DECR is making sure hauls of lobster meet the legal requirements of length, condition of the crustacean and weight.    “I would like to express my appreciation to the staff and management at Department of Environment and Coastal Resources for efforts made to ensure maximum compliance and minimal infractions during the opening of the lobster season.”

#Lobsterseason 2017/2018 kicked off on Tuesday August 15th, it closes next March.


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