TCI Border Control Minister sticking to the plan, he says

#TurksandCaicos, August 18, 2017 – Providenciales – The Border Control Minister is not relenting on the rule of law after having held meetings with leaders of the larger migrant populations in the country – Pastors and Consuls represented the Pilipinos, Jamaicans and Haitians.

IMG-20170818-WA0035Deputy Premier, Sean Astwood yesterday issued statement to say that he had been asked for leniency or greater understanding from these communities; he says he promised though, fairness in the process of regularizing residents.   “I am confident that the meetings provided a platform to not only address the migrant communities concerns regarding my Ministry’s ongoing initiatives but it also gave opportunity to share this Government’s vision and expectations of the migrant population that remain among us with the hope that the Consuls and Pastors, as leaders within their own right, will provide clarity to persons in their communities and further encourage them to abide here following all of the laws of our country.”

DP Astwood reported to the leaders from each of the major migrant groups that there is no singling out of nationalities,  again we quote what he says was shared with those leaders:  “Make no mistake, we welcome persons from all nationalities to legally enter and reside in TCI and while your main concern is your people, please know that these measures are not just towards some, but they apply to all persons and nationalities that choose to visit, work or live among us.”

Despite this, one day after the August 14 deadline there were throngs of immigrants at the Provo and Grand Turk Border Control offices seeking help. It is expected that by next Wednesday, there will be a report on what happened during week one of this nationwide crackdown on illegal residents.




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