Residents stage peaceful protest down town against crime

rally on crime4Turks and Caicos, August 8, 2017 – Providenciales – Solidarity against crime was demonstrated by a healthy turn out of community, business, political and church leaders and every day residents who say the crime situation is out of control.

rally on crime3“You can contact your local police department or even a security company, and we can come out to your property to pretty much do an evaluation of your personal risk and threat assessment, and give you recommendations and consultate you on things that you can do, and strengths and weaknesses, or blind areas and vulnerable spots on your property.  I would urge you guys to take that seriously and do that.”

Allyson Advani, former Miss TCI Earth and Newscaster organized the peaceful protest.

rally on crime2“So it has been made clear at this point that crime has affected us all.  Even those of us in white today, if I’d asked you to wear red if crime has affected someone you care about or know, a lot of us would be wearing red.”





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