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BPL on Abaco power outages, Union calls for upgrades to stop copper theft

Bahamas, August 8, 2017 – Abaco – Copper theft in the Abacos is cited as a reason for the unreliable power supply from Bahamas Power and Light in the past ten days.    Residents and guests are complaining of the constant outages, which are prolonged and are also said to be due to a series of tests being conducted by BPL.

The power supplier in a media statement addressed residents’ concerns about the black outs and said the tests are a part of bolstering reliability and stability of their services.    However, Bahamas Electrical Workers Union President, Paul Maynard  said BPL needs to upgrade the protection system in Abaco, telling media that there has not been an upgrade in Abaco for 25 years.  




Photo credit: Abaco resident

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