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Bahamas Police get to BPL cases, $2M missing as more to be fired

#Bahamas, August 17, 2017 – Nassau – The terminations of three lower ranking staff at Bahamas Power and Light are just the beginning, according to a statement issued on Wednesday by the Chairman of the Board at BPL, Darnell Osbourne, who asked the union to be patient.    The statement came following the termination of three on Wednesday and threats by the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union that the trio would not be used as scapegoats for the bigger targets, whom Union members claim ordered their members to perform certain transactions which led to millions of dollars missing at the nation’s power supplier.

Astride Bodie, was irate as she addressed media on Wednesday, the Secretary General of the #BEWU claimed,  “There were 44 cheques cut fraudulently for 16 different companies, they were instructed and did exactly that.   They didn’t come up with these transactions and made these arrangements, they were instructed by their bosses,” Bodie said the fact that managers were made to investigate their own alleged misdealing is wrong and awful, adding that, “No, the union isn’t condoning theft in any way, our point is don’t railroad the employees in a scheme created and carried out by persons in management and give the impression that only they were a part of it.”

A forensic audit report is done, turned in and now decisions are being made for terminations and it sounds as if there will be many who fall into the hands of the Royal Bahamas Police for further investigations.    Ms Osbourne confirmed that over $2m was missing as a result of the criminal scheme and a apart of the goal of #BPL is to recover that money.    Both the Board and Government are with that Ernst & Young audit report in hand.


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