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ADVISORY – Solar Eclipse

#Bahamas, August 18, 2017 – Nassau – The Ministry of Health and the Department of Public Health wishes to advise the general public that on August 21st, 2017 between the hours of 1pm to 5pm the Bahamas will experience a Partial Eclipse.   A  Partial solar eclipse happens when the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth, but the Moon only partially covers the Sun’s disk.

The Ministry of Health wishes to further advise that while enjoying this event, looking directly at the sun without the correct eye protection, even for a short time, can cause permanent damage to your retinas, a light-sensitive part of the eye that transmits what you see to your brain.   Damage can occur without pain, and it can take a few hours or even a few days after viewing the eclipse to have symptoms of damage.    The damage may include not being able to see colors as well and loss of central vision, with only side vision remaining.

If you notice any symptoms after viewing the solar eclipse, seek immediate help from your eye care professional.

1. Goggles, homemade filters, or sunglasses, even very dark lens will NOT protect your eyes;

  1. The only way to look directly at the sun when it is eclipsed or is partly eclipsed is with a special solar filter, such as eclipse glasses or a handheld solar viewer; and
  2. Always avoid looking at the sun through an unfiltered camera, smartphone, telescope, or any other optical device. You’ll need to add a certified solar filter to these devices to safely look at the sun.Safely enjoy this exciting solar eclipse by taking the time to protect your eyes.

Press Release: Ministry of Health

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