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25 Year Anniversary of first FNM win at polls celebrated

#Bahamas, August 22, 2017 – Nassau – The Free National Movement party celebrated 25 Years since first being elected as a government of The Bahamas over the weekend. August 19, 1992 was that fateful day when the party, led by Hubert Alexander Ingraham dropped the veil, and as it was put all those years ago… they let the sunshine in.

“The Free National Movement saved our country and saved our democracy.  After 1992, our democracy became more complete, more entrenched and more vibrant.  Beginning in 1992, we embarked on an era of reform that modernized The Bahamas.  The Opening of Parliament in Parliament Square signaled a new day, the FNM governed in the sunshine, with transparency, accountability and good governance as guiding principles.”

The tone at a church service to commemorate the anniversary was firmly set by Prime Minister, Hubert Alexander Minnis as his speech often drew applause from the members who filled St Barnabas Anglican Church, it was a poignant presentation about how the FNM brought an end to what he called, the assault on democracy, flagrant corruption and widespread victimization.

The dissident eight and founders of the party were remembered, three of whom are still with the Free National Movement reminded PM Minnis.

“Sir. Cecil Wallace Whitfield, Sir. Arthur Foulkes, Warren Levarity, Maurice Moore, George Thompson, Dr. Curtis McMillan, Jimmy Shepherd and Dr. Elwood Donaldson, happily, three of our founders are still with us today.  Our founders purposefully chose the word ‘Free’ in the establishment of a new movement of freedom and social justice.”

With a touch of red donned by supporters and members and parliamentarians, the anniversary was praised as a distinguished celebration by the once again, governing party. In his message at the service, Canon Basil Tynes also pulled no punches and advised the sitting government that the country needs to get to the root causes of the bad fruit it is yielding.  Rector of the Parish, Canon Tynes preached a riveting sermon, that seems to ring too true for many attending the service.  It was wrapped up in the Word of God, but a peppery, sobering, sincere expression of what many Bahamians and residents feel about what went wrong in the past administration and what could go wrong in the current administration if Godly conscience was set down, and short cut solutions picked up.

“Mr. Prime Minister, Members of the Parliament, Senate, Cabinet, listen carefully, I’m not a politician, nor do I want to engage in your public debates, but one thing I can tell you is that the situation in this country is extremely complex, far more than ancient Israel.  Please, please, we need help.  I paid the price as an Anglican Priest speaking my mind as to what God has laid upon it, and while we talk about corruption and evil that surrounds us, these are the symptoms of an even greater issue.  We need to get to the root of an unchecked greed, godlessness and wickedness of the people who use everything at their disposal to rape and plunder this country, and they do it and don’t give a hell about the rest of us.”

The #FreeNationalMovement election victory anniversary church service was followed by a parade.





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