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Suspected Terrorists Have Been Detained in Suriname

Suriname, July 28, 2017 – Paramaribo – Authorities in Suriname have confirmed that police have arrested several individuals suspected of being involved in terrorism activities. Among the five suspects, believed to be Muslim, who were detained on Sunday at several locations, are two Dutch nationals, reportedly two brothers. It is the first time ever that individuals have been arrested on suspicion of terrorist activities in Suriname.

Recently the country’s Criminal Code was amended to cover terrorism and financing of terrorism. Sources indicate that one of the suspects is the son-in-law of Ronnie Brunswijk, a Member of Parliament. Brunswijk confirmed that his daughter, who was riding in the same car as the suspects, was also arrested, but has since been released.

In an official statement, The Ministry of Justice and Police have claimed that so far there is no indication that the suspects were targeting a specific embassy or foreign interest.

Officials from the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Netherlands have also responded to the reports, saying that so far they have no information about the arrested Dutch suspects.

“We are trying to find out what is going on, as it is currently a Surinamese investigation,” a spokesperson told Dutch media.

The national office of the Public Prosecutor is also unaware of what is happening in Suriname.

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