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FNM announces Govt hiring freeze, ministry cutbacks in austerity move

Bahamas, July 28, 2017 – Nassau – Austerity measures are in effect now in this new FNM Administration as government tries to resuscitate the economy after an irresponsible spending spree by the PLP Government.    The decisions to cut costs were announced during his first National Address by Prime Minister, Dr Hon Hubert Minnis last night and includes a hiring freeze in the public sector, a 10% across the board cut for all government ministries, personal emoluments now capped at $100,000 which will mean less government vehicles and a reduction in foreign travel by government.

PM Minnis called it a new era of financial management in The Bahamas, adding that the days of luxury travel with large government contingents are over under his watch and that he will be the one watching to ensure the cost saving initiatives are adhered to.







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