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We March firmly warned by PM Christie

Bahamas, March 21, 2017 – Nassau – The Prime Minister believes the style of protesting planned by We March Bahamas will incite antagonistic confrontations involving his family and PLP party supporters.   There is word that in this latest planned protest by the group, which would be the third, there is intention to stop by the Prime Minister’s residence and his office.

Mr. Christie is sending a warning to the group which plans to protest about the landfill, about the so called Spy Bill, calling for the General Elections to be held before May 7 and against plans to go ahead with Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival – that the protesters should exercise the “greatest care” in proceeding.

Perry Christie firm facePrime Minister, Perry Christie said the group ought not take things too far, calling the message it sends too divisive and too crazy.  Meanwhile the Carnival Bands are slamming the We March Bahamas movement for its demand for Government to postpone Junkanoo Carnival.

Bahamas Carnival Band Owners Association leader, Dario Tirelli says the publicity is bringing attention to the event, but the negative press is affecting costume sales as regional attendees are calling and questioning whether the show is set to go on or not.

Tirelli said Government has actually failed in the international promotion of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, which is in its third year and he invited We March Bahamas to a sit down to hear for themselves what the event is all about.

We March has criticized the event for being less than Bahamian.  The third installment of the We March protest is set for Sunday April 2, 2017.





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