New mosquito trapping now employed by Environmental Health to fright Zika

Providenciales, TCI, September 27, 2016 – The traps can reduce mosquito populations by as much as 60% and 100 of the traps recently arrived in the country.  Ministry of Health reports that the new green mosquito control product, in2Care Trap and source company, Intuitive Pest Management sent in Jeffrey Weisberg to train EHD Officers in the use of the traps which are earth-friendly.

The traps target the Aedes Egypti mosquito which are in egg laying stage.  The eggs are laid but no adult mosquitoes ever emerge.  Not only does the In2Care Trap target the larvae, but the female mosquito spreads the chemical from the trap, wiping out other breeding sites.  Add to this, the now sickened adult female mosquito is less likely to bite and dies within 8-10 days.

The traps will be placed, says Health, in areas where there are the most mosquitoes.  This is significant move in the fight against vector born viruses.  The traps naturally won’t stop sexually transmitted Zika; Ministry of Health encourages the use of a condom and continues to make condoms available for free to the public.


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