Tourist Board marketing money hinged on Family Island bookings

The travel wholesalers must push the family island destinations in order to enjoy the TCI Tourist Board’s financial endorsement; this was what Tourist Board Director, Ralph Higgs explained as the 12th Turks and Caicos Conference or TACC continues in Providenciales.  
“Over the years we have been encouraging them to forge relationships with businesses on the family islands, go out and get contracts with hotels in Middle Caicos and North Caicos and South Caicos and Grand Turk and Salt Cay.
It is now becoming a prerequisite for our wholesalers to say they have relationships in the family islands if they want to continue to get support from the Tourist Board. 
It should be noted that with all of our wholesale partners that are here, the Tourist Board puts hard cash into a pot to support them in marketing the destination around the world.”
The Palms Resort was the setting for a closed door conference and open door trade show where nearly two dozen exchanges were happening every 20-minutes for a few hours today; it created a true buzz in the room. 
The finale is tonight at Blue haven Resort; it is said some $300 million in tourism business is done at this event.

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