Health gives Three Ds – Drain, Dress, Defend against Mosquitoes

The rains of last week are beginning to churn out mosquitoes now, and with more wet conditions in the forecast residents are reminded to help in reducing breeding sites and to take care of themselves. 
The Health Promotion & Advocacy Unit gave the three Ds: drain, dress and defend. 
A notice said while the country remains Zika Virus free, there is Chikungunya Virus and Dengue Fever recorded in the islands; all three as  you know are mosquito borne viruses. 
You can look to Magnetic Media on your favorite social media or our website for the full list of advice, but we can tell you that in the advisement we are all asked – in the first D for Drain – to drill holes in the bottom of recycling containers, empty water collected around your yard, clear roof gutters of debris and tip over those pet dishes.  
When it comes to the second D for Dress, we are cautioned to wear light coloured, loose fitting clothing; the 174 mosquito species are more attracted to dark clothes. 
In the D for Defend, the Health Advocacy Unit says we should use mosquito repellant, which has been approved for safety and ensure windows and doors have proper screening. 
Again get the full ‘Three Ds’ list at

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