Former Governor will testify Misick ignored rules

Providenciales, 20 Jan 2016 – Andrew Mitchell the lead prosecutor for the Special Investigation trials said former Governor Richard Tauwhare will testify that Michael Misick and his ministers ignored the ministerial code of conduct.

While many believe that Tauwhare is also culpable for the alleged wrong doings of the former PNP Administration, Mitchell is painting a very different picture in his opening statements.

It appears the SIPT will showcase Tauwhare as a victim who could not get a Ministerial Code which was passed in February 2008, enforced because the Cabinet Secretary was slow to see it implemented.

Mitchell said, “You will consider the Governor’s approach to the issue of the Code, and consider his frustrations, we submit, about the difficulty of enforcing it.”

Still it is that very Code against which the SIPT lawyer plans to weigh the alleged behaviors of the men and women accused of abusing their government power.

It was explained that the Code says in part, “No Minister may accept any kind of favour from persons who are in negotiation with, or seeking to enter into contractual or proprietary or pecuniary relations with Government. Ministers must be careful to avoid all transactions such as acceptance of gifts of substantial value from members of the public which can give weight to the belief that they are doing anything which these rules of conduct forbid.”

The SIPT trial continues at the Myrtle Rigby Health Complex.

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