Mike Misick lawyer brings new argument, says client in Protest

Providenciales, 09 Dec 2015 – Today when court proceedings continue in the SIPT cases against Michael Misick and his co-defendants there will be a 45-minute presentation by his counsel, Ralph Thorne who has already laid a never before presented argument.

“The specialty argument implies that with Turks and Caicos request the extradition of Mr. Mike Misick on the basis of one charge, it becomes a breach of trust between Brazil and Turks and Caicos when after his return, they charge him with additional offenses and that is wrong, that is entirely wrong.”

In the afternoon session yesterday, Thorne painted the image of a mixed up Prosecution team which he says is all over the place and which embellished the amount of charges against Michael Eugene Misick.

Thorne, who told media after the adjournment Tuesday that his client is enduring this process under protest, reminded that Mike was extradited from Brazil on a single charge; that has now mushroomed to multiple charges and in a precedent setting case, which was referenced in the application to Justice Paul Harrison, those criminal charges were quashed by a court which deemed the action, back then, unethical.

QC Thorne, who hails from Barbados, said the matter with Misick is no different today and he is confident of the position.

“The judge seems to have been wondering whether the Brazilians were told about other offenses and that settled the issue in our favor that it was one offense the request was made of Brazil in relation to one offense only.”

The point, if won, could unravel the entire case built up by the SIPT.

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