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TCI: Judge rules there is ‘a case’; all nine defendants will go to trial in September

Myrtle Rigby Health Complex, home to SIPT, Supreme Court Annex

#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos – July 29, 2019 – It will be every man and woman for themselves now as the nine defendants in the high profile, high stakes corruption trial of a former PNP Government administration will have to clear their own names, individually.  The judge in the matter today announced there is indeed a case to answer.

The anticipated verdict on a no-case submission was delivered as rejected by Justice, Hon Paul Harrison who determined there is sufficient evidence to continue the trial where Harrison is uniquely both the judge and the jury. 

FILE – Hon Paul Harrison, Judge in SIPT

The verdict of a continuation of the Special Investigation and Prosecution Trial, (SIPT) as was the no-case submission, was not shocking to the public. 

The accused are using and exhausting every avenue in an effort to defend their not guilty stances.  The prosecution and the judge continue to demonstrate the firm view that this trial is warranted and is expected to run for another two years.   

Even though the ‘no case submission’ was filed in unison by the nine people accused of malfeasance, going forward, each defendant will have to try to disprove the evidence presented by the Prosecution on an individual basis.

The Prosecution wrapped up its case almost a year ago, in September 2018.

It will likely mean new witnesses will be called in the effort to discredit prosecution witness testimony and it is far less likely that defence attorneys will progress directly to summations.

There have been over 200 witnesses in the trial, which started in earnest in January 2016 against Michael Misick, former Premier; husband and wife: Floyd and Lisa Hall, Mr. Hall is former Deputy Premier; Jefferey Hall, former Works and Housing minister; McAllister Hanchell, former Lands minister; Melbourne Wilson, attorney-at-law; Lilian Boyce, former Education and Health minister; Clayton Greene, cousin of Floyd Hall and attorney-at-law and Chal Misick, brother of Michael Misick and attorney-at-law.

FILE – Michael Misick, former premier expected to give testimony in SIPT in September 2019

Meanwhile, the SIPT has lost wide public support as the cost of the near ten-year old investigation and trial has mounted to some $100 million tax-payer dollars.

The trial is adjourned until September 9, 2019 when Michael Misick is said to be among those expected to take the stand.

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