PDM Leader says Premier ‘passing the buck’


IMG_4551Providenciales, 08 Oct 2015 – The PDM Leader labels the Premier as insensitive in his remarks about the handling of Hurricane Joaquin by the Disaster and Emergencies Department.

“We were disappointed but not surprised about the Premier’s usual approach under pressure and that is to cast blame on civil servants,” Sharlene Robinson said. “It was only last year after the passage of TS Cristobal, we were forced to ask him to apologize to the EMS staff … As he did then, he has done it again and that is to pass the buck in what is now characteristic of his leadership.”

The public lashed out at DDME on its notices in Hurricane Joaquin, saying the department dropped the ball; the Premier has called for new systems and agreed handling could have been better, while the Deputy Premier disagreed with poor performance reports and said any other action by DDME in the wake of Joaquin would have been illegal and against protocol.

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