Sandals Foundation to the rescue for Dominica

Providenciales, 01 Sept 2015 – Storm relief for Dominica in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Erika, which wiped out villages, destroyed infrastructure, killed around 25 people and have left officials searching for as many as 50 others continues to come in; today the Sandals Foundation announced its efforts.

CEO, Adam Stewart unveiled a fundraising campaign; in a statement he said: “Thankfully, the nine islands in which we operate our resorts were unscathed by Tropical Storm Erika, but tragically the same was not true of our Caribbean neighbours in Dominica who have suffered great loss, both of life and infrastructure. We know firsthand how badly natural disasters can affect a nation and we will be doing all we can to help the people of Dominica to recover as quickly as possible and we urge our corporate partners to play their part too.”

The Sandals Foundation is the non-profit arm of Sandals Resorts International, which owns the local Beaches Resort Villages and Spa. If you want to donate, visit the Sandals Foundation website.

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