More for Sports says PDM, Congratulations to Golden Boy Delano Williams

Sharlene RobinsonProvidenciales, 01 Sept 2015 – The performance of Delano Williams on the world stage has again ignited talk on what sports development gets financially in the country and the PDM party in its congratulations to the athlete, who is now a Bronze medal IAAF World champion winner said they will continue to advocate for more.

Williams dazzled over the weekend and helped Team Great Britain and Northern Ireland to a third place finish in the men’s 4x400m relay at the athletics meet held in Beijing, China.

PDM Leader Sharlene Robinson said: “We believe that Williams is a role model to all youth and adults alike. Though he originates from a small island nation, he continues to shine on the world stage and his success becomes our success…. Secondly, we are confident that he is succeeding as he is because he not only possess a healthy body but because he also possesses the right attitude to working hard, making sacrifices and remaining committed to the brightest future possible.”

It was obvious that Delano is appreciated by his team too; his huge infectious smile and the team’s playful antics before and after the race showed that there was synergy on and off the track. All hopes are that this is a precursor to Delano making the Olympic team and earning an Olympic medal when the Summer Games unravel in Rio next year.

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