Work permit holders changing jobs to face new scrutiny

Providenciales, 10 Aug 2015 – Cabinet last week agreed to change the way work permits for expatriate workers can be issued when these individuals are switching employment. Once the policy change is formalized it will mean more scrutiny for foreign workers who want to swap jobs.

The press release from the Governor’s office reveals that it was agreed to amend the policy which prohibited the grant of work permits to persons changing employers.

It will call for work permits in these cases to at first satisfy the Immigration Board; and it will have to be proven to the Board that the situation is an exceptional circumstance as the applicant meets certain other criteria which will reportedly be developed by the Minister.

With the modification, the worker from abroad will have to have a formal release from the previous employer as a condition of consideration.

All worker sectors will be impacted by this coming change as the policy extends to public, statutory bodies and private companies.

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