49 illegal Haitians caught, two little boys on board

IMG_5601Providenciales, 10 Aug 2015 – Forty-nine illegals were today intercepted by the Police Marine Division; thwarting yet another unauthorized landing of apparent citizens of the embattled nation of Haiti which is currently in parliamentary election mode.

Police and Border Control report that there was no incidence in the capture of the 37 men, 10 women and two little boys who were eventually brought in to South Dock. Photos show a disheveled and frightened bunch of illegals who are now being housed at the detention center, where the Red Cross and Ministry of Health would have assisted in processing the group. The coastal radar reported the boat at 4:49am.

In nearby Bahamas, the Defense Force also reported capturing a boat load of apparent Haitians west of Ragged Island. In that instance, 143 people were taken in and turned over to Immigration Officials.

There were 117 men, 23 women, one boy and two girls on the vessel.

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