Happy Independence to resilient Jamaica, 53 Years and counting…

Providenciales, 06 Aug 2015 – Quite a big day for Jamaicans around the world today; the country celebrates its 53rd anniversary of independence and an end to 300 years of British rule.

Bahamas Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell issued congratulations and advised that he and Picewell Forbes, High Commissioner to Jamaica for the Bahamas will attend an observance ceremony in Nassau at Zion Baptist Church.

Consulate official in the TCI for Jamaica, Allan Hutchinson shared the independence message of Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson-Miller, which boasts a tone of resilience and accomplishment. In part PM Portia said: “We rose up in celebration of our right to sovereignty because we long desired to live within a democratic state that was respectful of the rights of citizenship. This was the historic mission of our forbearers; this was the dream of those whose lives were destroyed in the quest for freedom with citizenship. Our detractors did not believe that we would succeed; they said we were in pursuit of the impossible. We set out to build a resilient, sustainable nation from our divisive and fragmented past. We have proven them wrong.”

Happy Birthday to Jamaica.

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