Young Corporate Alliance on the move with summer speaker series

YCA GroupProvidenciales, 08 Jul 2015 – A speaker series by the Young Corporate Alliance recently saw attorney at Twa, Marcelin Wolf, Yvette Marcelin address a room of students, professionals and entrepreneurs to expand their horizons, value integrity, substance, and experience.

In a release, the group explained that Marcelin petitioned YCA to assert that “We’re here! We’re present! And we ain’t going nowhere!”

When the Q&A portion of the speaking event held at the Regent Palms came up, attendees grilled Marcelin on gaining international work experience, workplace discrimination, self-confidence, and family-life balance.

So far the Young Corporate Alliance has also been exposed to a workshop on how to set up a businesses, trademark, copyright law, legal compliance, finance, marketing, and professional growth and development where they partnered with Khyla Callender and Florice Forbes of the Revenue Department with lunch hosted by Graceway IGA and where the group of 15 YCAs appreciated, they say, unfettered access to officers of the Revenue Department who fielded their questions on an individual basis.

It is expected the Young Corporate Alliance, which was established this year as a non-partisan, non-profit organization will this month get a pep talk from developer, Stan Hartling of the Hartling Group.

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