Gov’t Blood Drive today and Beaches Resort staff to make donations

Providenciales, 28 Jul 2015 – A major blood drive is announced for today and partners the Government with Beaches Resort to boost blood donations; staff will be encouraged to give blood.

Chief Lab Technician, Peggy Samuels explained that: “Beaches is the largest private employer in the TCI and our hope is that this private public partnership event will help to increase voluntary blood donations from our community, and also increasing awareness of the issues.”

It is a monthly event, explained Samuels, that the blood bank holds drives. It is said the move to boost donations is in concert with a World Health Organization initiative.

“It is a key goal of the World Health Organization is to promote and encourage all countries to achieve 100% voluntary blood donations by 2020, according to the Melbourne Declaration, and TCI will continue to do its part to help meet this goal.”

Blood donations at Beaches will take place from 12:30 to 2pm.

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