Prayer for Comfort & Justice as slain ‘Robbie’ Been remembered

IMG_3557Providenciales, 05 Mar 2015 – In a solemn remembrance service for businessman Robert Been Sr, Fr. Bernard Been of the St Monica’s Anglican Church rendered a prayer which no doubt echoed the thoughts of family and friends who gathered at Turquoise Point Plaza last night, the spot where Been was gunned down exactly one year ago, on March 4.
“…simply because of your grace and your mercy and we are ever- grateful to you for that Lord.

But Father as we stand here tonight, a year later we still cry out for justice. God we know that someone knows something, and Father we believe in our heart of hearts that someone saw something and yet still refuses to say something. We pray God that you continue to massage their conscience; we pray God that you continue to work their minds that with their own lips they will confess.”

The mystery of this unsolved murder denies loved ones, who lit candles and held a three-minute moment of silence in Robbie’s honor, the closure; they are still hoping for justice to prevail.

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