More Consultancy spending for Environmental Protection

Providenciales, 17 Mar 2015 – The PNP Administration plans to invest $100,000 into consultancy services in the upcoming fiscal year when it comes to the National Trust, the Culture Department and the Environment. Desiree Lewis, new Permanent Secretary for the Ministry headed by Hon Porsha Smith explained to the Appropriations Committee Chairman, Hon Ruth Blackman how and with whom this money would be spent.

Desiree Lewis, PS Tourism & Environment: “We will bring external consultants, but also a greater portion of the work will be done in country with local stakeholders in using companies within the TCI.”

It was also revealed that the National Heritage Month activities will get $212,000 for the October events; and that the Turks and Caicos National Trust is under-funded.

Hon Ruth Blackman: “Is the (Trust) finding the amount sufficient to undertake the work that they do?”
At present Madame Chair, they’re trying to work within the allocations provided to them; so there is juggling in the instance of the additional funding needed.”

Hon Blackman was concerned that the figure has not changed for years for the Trust; set at $100,000. Previously, only $2,500 was budgeted for consultancy in this area of TCIG.

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