Finance Minister advocating for Airports & Ports Authorities to keep surpluses

Providenciales, 02 March 2015 – That approved TCIG budget by the United Kingdom is not only proposing increases for areas of government; but some cutbacks and some changes for a couple of statutory bodies. The Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority, led by CEO John Smith and the Ports Authority are seeing support from the Finance Minister, Hon Washington Misick who says the TCIAA and the Ports Authority ought to be allowed to keep its surpluses so that it can get on with building airports and improving docks in the country. Minister Misick said: “…we are proposing to allow the airport and ports authorities to retain their surpluses, rather than paying them to government, so that they can invest them in upgrading the South Caicos Airport and the South Dock Harbour facility in Providenciales, respectively.”

A fully operational airport in South Caicos is key for the resort developments on the island which are in limbo due to the delays in getting the airport in a more suitable condition. As for those government decreases; the Ministry of Finance will be cut 10.3% and the Judiciary will be docked 19%.

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