Minimum Wage to go up in Six Weeks in TCI

Providenciales, 20 Feb 2015 – It should be good news for the hourly wage earners across the country as government has decided on an implementation date for a minimum wage increase and the wait is almost over. A 25% jump in minimum wage was one of the big announcements coming out of Cabinet yesterday. The governor has been advised to issue an order to shift hourly earnings from a flat $5 per hour to $6.25 cents an hour.

This move will take effect in about six weeks when the new fiscal year begins for TCIG. The official start date for employers to adjust from paying the $5 per hour to the $6.25 per hour begins April 1st, 2015. It had been argued by the PNP Administration that a hike in wages could lead to an increase in cost of living.

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