Governor: Leave Finance safeguards alone; Let’s reduce power bills & not anti-independence

Providenciales – 25 Feb 2015 – The Governor warns the Turks and Caicos not to tamper with the good governance structures set up in recent years; His Excellency Peter Beckingham said they are the reason the TCI is enjoying such a sound reputation in the marketplace.

“To members of the House to think very carefully before tampering with parts of the Government that have been set up to strengthen and to make the economy more robust…. but there are rumblings of tampering of bringing down, of changing parts of the structures which have been set up over the last few years which I believe if they were tampered with in a substantial way would cause real concern in the banks in Trinidad and in New York about whether the long term economic prospects are as strong as they appear.”

HE Beckingham was speaking on the opening day of the Public Accounts Committee Workshop which was held over two days in Grand Turk. The governor said the nation ought not mistake his advice for an anti-independence message; that he nor the UK has anything against an independent Turks and Caicos.
“…that if the people of TCI wish to move towards independence we would not stand in the way in any sense at all, as I am sure the Hon. Leader knows, and we would be quite willing to facilitate.”

As he addressed specific instances of how even his office strives to save money; the Governor chimed in on renewable energy and a more devoted mission with Fortis TCI to seeing the cost of electricity significantly reduced in the islands.

“…and we as a Governor or the Government needs to quite urgently talk to Fortis about the use of alternative energy in a really legalist and robust way.”

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