Provo Air Center takes Airports Authority to Court

Provo Air CenterProvidenciales, 22 Jan 2015 – A week ago today, the Provo Supreme court began hearing why the lease of land to M Aviation, which is behind the Blue Heron Aviation FBO was allegedly illegal and irresponsible by the Turks and Caicos Islands Government and the Turks and Caicos Islands Airport Authority. Lyndon Gardiner, owner of the Provo Air Center has filed for an injunction to halt the development and stop business; saying in a writ filed by attorney Beryn Duncanson it was all done surreptitiously and should be reversed.

Blue Heron Aviation only a couple of weeks ago held its ribbon cutting, and only last November began welcoming private planes in at its private airport situated adjacent to the Provo International Airport, on the southern side. The story is carried in the TC Weekly Newspaper and lays out the charge by Gardiner that government in 2012 misrepresented what they wanted to use the crown land for; saying it was not for the urgent expansion to the public airport but obtained to be leased to M Aviation.

Provo Air Center says it was neither urgent nor was it for the public and claims there was no TCIAA board approval, no publication in the Gazette; what they identified as non-compliance with section six of the TCIAA Ordinance 2009; an absence of commercial terms; failure to take into account relevant consideration or absence of proper inquiry; an absence of Belonger participation; improper purpose; and procedural unfairness. The case is an interesting one as M Aviation, Blue Heron Ltd and Signature Flight Support has also filed an application in this case. The matter is being heard by CJ, Margaret Ramsey-Hale.

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