HR Professionals in Gov’t get Governor’s Help

Providenciales, 15 Jan 2015 – This year there will be a pay and grading review for certain for the public sector; announced this week by the Deputy Governor, Anya Williams who heads the Civil Service. The DG, in a press release was throwing her support behind an advancement to come for some Human Resources staff from her office, and adding to the sentiments expressed last week by the Premier that Ministries of government are poised to feel fresh energy with a Cabinet Shuffle where new roles for four ministries will take effect on Monday. The Governor’s Office Jubilee fund this week gave a gift to four TCIG Human Resource Management Directorate staffers.

The Office paid for the membership for Keisha Taylor, Karresa Gardiner, Catherine Ann Forbes and Cherice Boyce and this means the group will now be able to achieve certified HR professional status. Online coursework and examinations in the Dominican Republic are next for the group. Mark Greenway, Director of HRMD said: “There will be real benefits to these individuals and to our organization in their working towards, and achieving, these internationally recognized professional qualifications.” The Governor has $60,000 dollars to spend each year, it’s his prerogative what benefits from the monies provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office; this professional development support is but one of his projects.

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