Providenciales, 03 Dec 2014 – Unfair Dismissal is what the Labour Tribunal has determined in the case of Nicola Jengten who worked for Tropical Auto Rentals; the judgment was handed down November 17th and will next see Nicola back in the Tribunal but this time to hear what her ex-employer is legally required to pay her for the conclusion of unfair dismissal.

That employer is Deputy House Speaker Hon Josephine Connolly, who through her legal representation, Jo Connolly explained that Jengten was only released from her employ because Tropical Auto could not secure a work permit for her. In an abrupt letter, the young woman was terminated in January 2014; Jengten told us that she does not want her job back, what she wants is the money owed to her which includes: pay in lieu of notice, unfair dismissal, loss of income for three weeks, loss of income by reduction of work days and vacation pay. Magnetic Media spoke to Hon Connolly on the case yesterday; she said her comments will come after the financial ruling on December 10th, but that she is prepared to take this matter to a higher court.

The Connollys told media that on the one hand government is demanding that local companies hire Belongers, but are on the other hand penalizing these same entities who are being denied labour clearances and worker permits for expat labour, when they do. Our review of the decision demonstrates that the Labour Tribunal focused on whether or not Nicola had been terminated unfairly; not on the chain of events which led to that termination by Tropical Auto Rentals.

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