The Bahamas, 02 Dec 2014 – From our neighbors North… As The Bahamas braces for one of the saddest memorial services to be held in recent history; there was this morning the shocking news of yet another downed plane. This time in waters off Clifton Pier in Nassau; a private plane running a chartered flight returning to the capital of the country from Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera crashed; eleven were on board … ten of those individuals were found alive; one, a 77 year old male, died.

This amidst announcements that the Dr. Myles Munroe National Memorial service is planned for the country’s largest venue; with a seating capacity of 15,000 the new Thomas A Robinson stadium will welcome the general public and those who have journeyed from around the world. This national service is slated for Wednesday December 3rd from 6pm… members of the public are invited to BFM on Carmichael Road to sign a book of condolences the same day from noon to 5pm. There will be no public viewing of the bodies, but the bodies of Dr Myles and his wife RuthAnn will lie in repose at BFMI where there will be a brief ceremony between 10am and noon. Dr Myles Munroe and nine others died in a plane crash on Sunday November 9, 2014 while trying to land at the Grand Bahama International Airport in Freeport; his private Lear Jet crashed into a crane at the nearby shipyard, in bad weather with very low visibility exploding in mid-air. Dr Myles Munroe is a best-selling author, Gospel Evangelist, Motivational speaker, Gospel recording artist, mentor to many and advisor to government leaders around the world; he and Ruthann left behind a son Chairo and daughter, Charissa.

As for that plane crash this morning, it is already being hailed as a show of heroism, grit and skill as the pilot was able to bring the plane down softly… in waters of about 35 feet after experiencing some mechanical problems on the Ferguson Airline plane. ZNS reported that moments after the passengers and pilot were out of the craft; it was swept into much deeper waters said to be around 65,000 feet. By the way, attending the Dr Myles Munroe memorial on behalf of the Turks and Caicos is our Deputy Premier, Hon Akierra Missick. The Premier as you know is attending the Joint Ministerial Council meeting in London with the Governor.

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