Miss Teen TCI on the Dangers of Domestic Violence

Providenciales, 22 Dec 2014 – Miss Teen TCI launches a dramatic presence on Facebook to point to her platform which is standing against domestic violence. Malique Ferrette is set to take off in the New Year to represent the Turks and Caicos Islands on an international level, but before she does, the intelligent beauty is making her presence felt by drawing attention to the dangers of domestic violence. In one of her charges to her followers on social media, Miss Teen TCI says: “Ladies, you are so much more than what ‘they’ say! Your body is beautiful, that mind of yours is powerful. Your potential is more than ‘they’ can ever conceive. Stop what you’re doing and think about that! You are a queen and your worth, unmentionable. Keep your head up and forget ‘their’ words; for they do not capture the splendor of YOU.” Miss Teen Universe Malique Ferrette who won the title in late September, will attend Miss Teen Universe in Guatemala in February.

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