High Grade CCTV for Grace Bay Area; Seven Stars invests $200,000

Providenciales, 04 Dec 2014 – They can see you… big time, and clearly! Seven Stars on Tuesday announced the investment of $200,000 for a high grade IP CCTV monitoring system for the Grace Bay area. Deputy Premier Hon Akierra Misick was on hand for the unveiling of the system which covers Grace Bay Road, the Beach and the Seven Stars property.

Magnetic Media learned there has been a spike in bold robberies of guests in the area; but Ken Patterson, Managing Director of Seven Stars explained the area is by far one of the safest in the Caribbean: “We along with the other resorts in the area have established a true community and business partnership with the police to ensure that together we continue to be the one of the safest destinations in the region by maintaining a zero tolerance to crime.

This new state of the art security system will benefit our guests, our staff, the police and the general public by helping to keep Grace Bay a safe place to work, visit and enjoy at all times of day and night.” HD quality images, 24/7 coverage and higher quality cameras are hallmarks of the CCTV system.

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