Health Minister encourages register of Disabled; Govt support available

Provienciales, 04 Dec 2014 – A strong word of encouragement for the worldwide commemoration of the International Day of Disabilities – which was yesterday December 3rd coming from the Minister of Health and Human Services, Hon Porsha Smith… but so very late in the day. A 4pm press release on December 3 issued with her sentiments, nonetheless, the message and mission of the global community is sound and actions endorsed by health services around the world should be maintained all year. Hon Smith pushed for people to register their loved ones on the National Register.

“This register has allowed better assistance in designing the necessary programs and services that are needed within the Turks and Caicos Islands. This baseline has established a more accurate benchmark for national identification. Additionally, we have seen the assessment of over 28 children in the islands, all of whom are registered. Previously individuals had to leave the comfort of their homes to have this done.” There was thank you for companies like Seven Stars, which donated 10 iPads to the SNAP Center and for partners like the Provo Road Runners and the Kiwanis Club. International Day of Persons with Disabilities has as its 2014 theme: “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: THE PROMISE OF TECHNOLOGY”

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