Providenciales, 11 Dec 2014 – Opposition Leader Sharlene Robinson calling on the Church to be more assertive in the role of integrity in public life. Speaking on Anti-Corruption Day, Hon Sharlene Robinson said and I quote: Moral uprightness has not occupied the place of prominence it used to in time past and this must see a reversal. Our upbringing was based on solid Christian principles – the tenants of our faith taught us to honor God, to respect authority, to be honest in our dealings, to work honestly for honest pay, respect self and others and to be firm in our moral stance. We must return to this foundation.

The Church, our most valued partner must play its role in nation building and must join front in center in ensuring that we uphold this tradition. Not all traditions should be abandoned and the determination to ensure that our children attend Sunday School, Bible Class or Children’s Ministry, Youth Group Ministry and Church cannot be ignored if we want integrity to become the bedrock of prosperity and posterity for these Islands.

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