Reflections from the Premier and Leader of Opposition on Tourism Symposium

Providenciales, 11 Nov 2014 – As Tourism Environmental Awareness Month continues in the Turks and Caicos, we reflect on what Premier and Tourism Minister Hon Dr. Rufus Ewing shared at the recently held National Tourism Symposium. Held over two days, the leader of the Opposition, Hon Sharlene Robinson was also a part of the inaugural day of the inaugural ceremony. Offering this: I have no doubt that for the foreseeable future, tourism will remain the mainstay of our country’s economy.

I am equally convinced that there is much more we can do to improve our product and offering to satisfy and woo our guests. There must be a deliberate plan and course of action concerning this and this is the all important first step. Though we term this a “new vision”, there must remain certain consistencies and determinations without compromise – it must be sustainable; it must be trendy and flexible; we must continue an open dialogue with those whom we cater to; we must attempt to keep their experience unique and exclusive; and extremely important, it must be environmentally friendly.”

As TEAM month continues, so does the development of a National Tourism strategy; consultants KPMG have now completed public and closed door meetings… the questionnaire and solicitation of ideas from the general public continues.

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